Bride & Groom Entry

These days brides are too excited for their dashing entry at the venue. We at Royal Pepper banquets know the excitement and emotion of a bride-to-be, so we try to add some glimpses in your memory for the special day. These days Brides prefer new trends like entry with well decorated Trolley, Doli ( a tradition of Hindus), etc. Sometimes your brothers and cousins show their love by carrying you in a Palki on their shoulders. Grooms are not behind, they love the idea of Chattar and Rath entry along with Musical highlights for the feeling of Royalty.

Palki Photo

Cold Pyros for
Bridal & Groom Entry

Add the WOW factor at your wedding! Celebrate the day with lots of fireworks during entry and let the people around you share in your joy. Royal Pepper Banquets helps you to add the element of Pyros to your sweetest moments like Entry (themed or otherwise) as well as Jaimala to light up the event of your life.

Molecular Bar

Overwhelm your guests by serving them their favorite drink with the impact of fog. The Molecular Bar setup looks amazing with fog spilled across the counter. Guest will be surprised to see an amazing concept of the bar. Royal Pepper Banquets aid you to Spice up your events! Celebrate the day by making a remarkable toast to all present.

RoyalPepperBanquets Bar

Rose Petal Showering

Feel blessed on your special days with a colorful and beautiful Rose Petal Shower on your welcome and special moments during events. Royal Pepper Banquets are here to help you Share this and colorful decor around you with colorful people who are blessed to share this day with you.

Shahi Dinner with
Gold Plated Crockery

Impress your guests and deliver the best service with a Shahi Andaaz Dinner served well with Gold Plated crockery to add to the charm. Now feel like Royalty with Royal Pepper Banquets while you dine with your friends and family, in Style!

RoyalPepperBanquets Dinner

Special Flower Decor

Decorating the entire place and the venue at Royal Pepper Banquets can light up the mood and the level of excitement among the members attending the event. The floral fragrance and ambience is definitely a way to bring smile on faces. The beautiful floral patterns on walls, around pillars, stage and entrance are sure to steal the show.

Theme for Birthday Parties

We with Royal Pepper Banquets, bring special attractions on special days like Birthdays, kitty parties, small family occasions etc. All theme based and customized services and systematic and synchronized arrangements; Performances, live shows, dance, singing, orchestra are taken care of by our team very well.

RoyalPepperBanquets Birthday Theme

Revolving Stage

The wedding stage is the focus of all of the guests and the attendees in the majority of the wedding. The trend set nowadays demand a Revolving Stage during the highlight ceremony of Jaimala. To give all your guests a wonderful view to this moment, we, Royal Pepper Banquets, engage in beautiful set revolving stage just for your special moment.

Live Singing & Dance

Indian weddings are no less than any festival, and without the singing and dance performances of family and the bride and groom no wedding is complete. Though practice sessions are your best memories, the highlight is your actual live performances like that of Russian Dancers, Belle Dancers, Karaoke Nights etc. with full support from background music and lighting on stage.

RoyalPepperBanquets Live Music

Mirror Me
Selfie Machine

Make your day more entertaining than ever by setting up your own Selfie Machine to capture the attention of beautiful ladies who love to take their selfies. Not to forget, the crazy props to make the selfies even more entertaining.

Hostess Service

Now make your event an attraction by taking the service to the next level. Have the beautiful hostesses serve you and help you to carry your occassion on with ease. For Cultural ceremonies, these young ladies will welcome you with Garlands and Tika and a lot of Namaste to brighten up your day.

RoyalPepperBanquets Hostess

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