June 16, 2018 Mayank

Essential Wedding Tips and Tricks

Weddings are a result of many good to know and need to know things. You can be extra cautious while planning wedding related things but there are many small things which might slip out of your mind easily. Check out some of the indispensable tips and tricks for a wedding.

  1. Guests – Calculate the approximate number of guests before doing anything before. All of your expenses depend on the number of guest attending your wedding. Location, food quantity, and variation, number of waiters needed, everything depends on the number of attendings.
  2. Weather Management – Pay attention to weather forecasts. You obviously can not control the weather but you can be prepared. For example, if your wedding date is during monsoon, then avoid open spaces.
  3.  Food Plan – Plan your food efficiently. Offering a long list of exotic dishes might not impress guests. Fewer but tasty dishes will do the job and will be light on your pocket too. No one remembers how many dishes they were offered in the long run, everyone remembers if they were tasty or not.
  4. Do one thing at a time – Take one task at a time and it might help you in doing the next. For example, the venue you booked might suggest you a good wedding photographer, a good wedding photographer can help you decide the decor which will look great in pictures and so on.
  5. Be realistic with your time – Like any other resource, time is also limited. Procrastinating might work for your office projects but weddings need everything just before time. Anything and everything that can be done before should be done before. Like any other human being, we all have just 24 hours in a day and all the things which we have responded for the last day cannot be completed in just 24 hours.
  6. Bridesmaids & Groomsmaids – This is not just a foreign concept anymore. Both groom and bride need people which them to support them. Not only emotional support, Bridesmaids and Groomsmaids help the couple in so many other ways too. Keep in mind the people you can trust on your wedding date.

Last but not the least, stop worrying about everything. You have vendors for everything and they will take care of most of the things.