Top 5 Adorable Wedding TV Commercials | Advertisements

Top 5 Adorable Wedding Ads

We usually don’t pay attention to advertisements, but sometimes we connect with them so well. We can get emotionally attached to some TVCs too. Wedding-related advertisements are usually pretty emotional and they connect so well to our heart and soul. Some of the wedding advertisements are good that they can even make you laugh or make you cry. We have sorted down some of the best wedding-related advertisements.

  1. Virat and Anushka’s Naye Vaade advertisement for Manyavar is one of the most beautiful advertisements so far. The cute and amazing compatibility between this couple can also be witnessed on screen. This advertisement went viral on many social media platforms after its release.
  2. TBZ – Garland advertisement is one of the cutest advertisements so far. The cute fight while Varmala celebration is very well projected in this commercial. It is amazing to see how much importance has been given to details in this video. A lot of emotions have been shown in this video without the use of even a single dialogue.
  3. Weddings by TBZ – Shoes is one of the most iconic advertisement. The cute rasam of Joota Chori have been pictured humorously. Nothing else can be done to make this advertisement better. Also, this TVC gave a new idea of Joota Chori to a lot of people out there.
  4. SnapDeal did a great job with its Unbox Zindagi campaign. The wedding commercial of this campaign was one of the most beautiful videos. This commercial pictured a very beautiful relationship between the bride and her mother in law. Also, this video gave out a very important message.
  5. Tanishq’s Rivaah Bride TVC showcased the beautiful relationship between father and his daughter. Every married or about to get married women can relate to this video to a great extent. This TVC is like a compilation of more than one father-daughter relation and each one of them is worth watching.

Top 5 honeymoon destinations in India

The honeymoon is the only time when the newlywed couple really gets to know each other. No matter how much you know your partner before the wedding, the honeymoon experience is something which you’ve never experienced with them. It is a romantic and exciting experience for you both. There is a very good chance that between planning best day of your life and transitioning into the new after wedding life, you must have forgotten about giving much thought to honeymoon. We are here to help you decide. Following is the list of top 5 honeymoon destination in India which are worth considering.

  1. Goa – Goa is probably one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. Romantic sunsets, best parties, exotic resorts, Goa have everything to keep your mood uplifted.
  2. Shimla – Shimla is one of the most iconic hill stations in India. This hill station is usually filled with newlyweds. Shimla has great weather, beautiful views, good hotels and many places to visit. This can be described as one of the most relaxing places to go.
  3.   Udaipur – If you are not a fan of hills or exotic parties, Udaipur is the place to be in. The whole city seems like a Bollywood movie set and yes you guessed it right, everything is romantic. Udaipur is a very good destination for post-wedding photoshoots too.
  4. Srinagar – Do you like lakes, houseboats, shopping, and gardens, If yes then Srinagar is the place to go. This destination is very well connected via air too. Srinagar also has some of the most romantic hotels to be in.
  5. Nainital – Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations out there in India. Snow point, Nainital Lake, Naini point are some of the most beautiful places here. You can spend at least 4-5 days to explore Nainital.

Here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations according to us. Do plan your trip according to the season and your interests.

Top 5 unique wedding décor ideas | Decoration ideas

Things To Take Care Of While Planning A Wedding

Décor is the first thing which everyone notices in a wedding. The entire mood and vibe of a wedding are directly related to the décor of the place. If you are not limited to your wedding planner’s creativity, then you are at the right place. The decoration and lighting trends keep on changing. The thumb rule is if you are having the wedding at night then you should focus on lighting more and if you have your wedding during daytime then focusing on other decorations would be beneficial.

Following are some unique wedding decoration ideas which you can do on your wedding day: –

  1. Floating lights – Floating lights always look amazing. This effect can be done with the help of candles, lanterns or LEDs. We recommend you to use LEDs as they are more efficient, effective and safe.
  2. Flowerless decorations – The efficient use of drapes, ribbons, lighting, plants, etc can fill up the need of flowers in a wedding. It’s a very eco-friendly yet beautiful approach to decorate your wedding venue.
  3. Themes based weddings – These days’ people are also having theme based weddings. The theme for the wedding could be anything like Disney Prince and Princess, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, etc. Themed wedding setups are romantic and beautiful.
  4. Memory wall – A wall of memory lane can be made at the entrance or near the main stage where the childhood photos of both bride and groom can be kept. This is a cute thing to do and it looks beautiful too.
  5. Kites – This might seem to be a childish idea but it definitely looks good. Having a wall of kites or a simple hanging made up entirely of kites look beautiful.

If you have some more unique wedding decoration ideas to share, other then what we listed above do let us know on our Facebook page. To know more about Royal Pepper Banquet halls visit our website

How to get perfect eye makeup for any wedding?

Hello, all the pretty ladies out there. Too many in weddings in a month and no time for
Well here are some tips and tricks to get the perfect winged and smoky eyes with perfect
choices and blend of concealers, mascaras, eye shades and brushes. Let’s check what’s
trending in and get perfect pro eyes.


1. Clean your eyelids and apply a primer on them, this helps in keeping the eye makeup
from smudging and ensures it stays on for longer.
2. To make your eyelashes look denser and deeper, apply the eyeliner as close to the
lash-line as possible so that it appears to be a part of the natural lash line. This is called
3. Keep the tip of your liner thin but blunt to achieve the perfect shape. To keep your
liner from crumbling, you can freeze it before sharpening
4. Use a liquid liner, to get the perfect winged eyeliner– start on the lash line at the pupil
and move towards the corners.
If your hand is not comfortable enough for liquid eyeliners then the first line your eyes
with a pencil liner, then move over it with your liquid liner.
5. To get smoky eyes, always use a pencil eyeliner as these are softer and creamier.

You can also smudge it out using a smudging brush for those effortlessly cool smoky eyes.

6. Choose more subtle colours like brown, beige and black for a more elegant look and
apply mascara to complement the simple look.
Always Remember:  To achieve perfect symmetry, always tilt your face up and look down
as you apply eyeliner
So, keep these simple tips on toes of your mind while doing your eyes, and you will go

straight from being a novice to a pro.

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DIY Hairstyles for this wedding season

Wedding being one of most precious days of life demands you to stand out and shine amongst the crowd. Preparing for the big day of wedding not only includes just selecting the perfect bridal gowns or dresses, it also includes a perfectly made hair and accessories that compliments your dress and makes you shine all over. A perfect hair style that goes with your dress makes a lot of difference in your appearance.

There is a lot to be taken care of while selecting a hair style that goes perfectly with your dress. Your wedding hairstyle should match the style of your bridal gown. If you have are wearing a princess ball-gown, a flamboyant up-do goes best with it.
A slicked back ponytail or bun suites best for a contemporary gown, along with a floral fabric side band.
If you have selected chiffon dress and a whimsical lace, you can do your hair down with unstructured curls, or go for a loose chignon with trailing tendrils around the face.

An evening gown goes well with smooth structured waves and sparkly and shiny glowing accessories.
Your wedding hairstyle won’t stand alone on your big day; it will need to blend flawlessly with the rest of your amazingly pretty looking bridal outfit. Mix and match it with the neckline of your dress, your wedding jewellery you have chosen, and even with ambience bouquet.
If your bridal gown is heavy, or you are planning to put up heavy jewellery such as chandelier earrings, you should try to keep your hairstyle sleek and simple a.
However, if your wedding dress is plain, and few accessories, you can ago being to be flamboyant with your hairstyle and create a complex up-do, or a cascade or nest of curls.

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Top 5 unique wedding ideas

Lately, weddings have been witnessing a tremendous change in the way they are being celebrated. This generation likes to do experiment a lot and that is why we witness every wedding different from others. The possibility of creativity is endless and many unique things can be done on a wedding.

Following are top 5 unique wedding ideas which you can do on your wedding day:-

  1. Barat on Royal Enfield – Barat with the groom on the horse is too mainstream. Barat on Royal Enfield is the new badass way of going to the wedding. Groomsmen can come on similar coloured Royal Enfields, say black and the groom himself can be on a different coloured bike, say white.
  2. Matching wedding dresses – Gone are the days when the groom is always dressed in iconic cream colour and bride always wore red. These days there are a number of colour options available for wedding dresses and there is nothing cooler than bride and groom wearing matching dresses.
  3. Similar dresses for bridesmaids and groomsmen – Groomsmen and bridesmaid squads look crazy cool in similar dresses. Maybe not exactly same but a colour code may also look badass.
  4. Wall of wishes – A big card like wall can be placed in the wedding venue where guests can come and write down their wishes. Later this card can be kept by the newlyweds.
  5. Photo booth – Photo booth with props are very trending these days in weddings. Additionally, a printer can be installed or Polaroid camera can be used to give an instant print of the photo as the souvenir. This souvenir can also have wedding date and name of the couple printed on it somewhere.

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Top 5 out of the box wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are something which the newlyweds remember for a long time. After photographs and videos, wedding gifts have the longest shelf life in a wedding event. We usually don’t realise this but our wedding gifts usually stay with them for a long time. However, people are getting busier these days and not many of us want to spend time and put a thought of getting a special gift. Usually, wedding gifts are nothing but a bunch of crockery, bedsheets, flowers, air fryer, or maybe a microwave, and all of these gifts are stereotypical.

If you want your gift to be remembered you should give something personalised, something tailor-made for the couple. Following are the example of some out of the box personalised gift items.

  1. Personalised Photo frame – A personalised photo frame is a very good gift to give someone. That photo frame could have a good photo of couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot. Some people also do extra efforts by 3D engraving the wedding date on the frame itself.
  2. A custom vintage styled wall clock – You can get a custom wall clock with the name of the couple engraved on the dial. They’ll think of you every time they look at that clock to see time.
  3. Door Sign – A door sign is one of the most underrated accessories in a house. You can get a personalised door sign, exactly the way you want it to be and that though will be so much affordable.
  4. Couple T-Shirts – Couple t-shirts are in fashion these days, also they are adorable. If you gift good couple t-shirts to them, they will definitely love them.
  5. Couple bedsheets/pillow covers – Couple bedsheets or pillow covers are also a cute option to give.

Things to keep in mind while going to a wedding

India is a culturally diverse nation and we like to celebrate things a lot. Out of all occasions, wedding is the most important day which we celebrate. The concept of big fat Indian weddings is a reality in almost all parts of the country. There are a lot of things we should keep in mind before going to a wedding.

Following are top things which all of us should keep in mind before going to a wedding:-

  1. Pack extra dresses – You’ve been planning all those dresses for a long time now, but there is no harm in packing at least one extra dress for those unplanned sudden events. You can be pretty sure about the number of events in a wedding but there can be some unplanned events as well, like a sudden plan of family dinner.
  2. Take a special gift with you – Ditch all those stereotypical gifts and think of something out of the box. Anyone can think of crockery, air fryer, flowers, or what not. Think of a gift which they may remember for a long period of time. For example, personalized wall clock with their photo. An extra effort for a gift will make the couple feel privileged.
  3. Pack emergency supplies – There is no harm in carrying some emergency supplies. Emergency supplies could be different for different situations. First aid and medicines are emergency supplies for medical purposes, safety pins and other related stuff can be emergency supplies for your outfits and power bank and spare memory cards can be emergency supplies for your personal photo shoot.

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Things to keep in mind while deciding a wedding photographer

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

— Anonymous

A photograph is a lot more than just a picture. It is a still of a special moment which will never happen again in your life and that is why photographers are an important part of every wedding. They have to make sure to capture every detail of the event and with the right frame and emotion. Out of all the services you are paying for at your wedding, photography has the longest shelf life.

Following points, you should keep in mind while finalising a photographer.

Experience – An experienced photography team knows their work well and they can guide you if you are confused about a number of options.

Style – Every photographer has his/her ‘s unique style of capturing images. Go ahead and check their work for a while on their website or social media accounts before making a call.

Creativity – A creative Photographer believes that capturing an image is an art and that is why they put their heart and soul into capturing your wedding. The logic is simply that a more creative Photographer will take your project more seriously than a non-creative one.

Candid or Traditional – A balance of both candid and traditional photography is necessary for a wedding. Solely candid photographer or only traditional photographer cannot cover a wedding efficiently.

Budget – It is very important to allow a good amount of money to photography service. Since saving money on photography can be regretful later. However, it may also be noted that spending too much on it is also not worth it either.

Why Royal Pepper Banquets are one of the best in Delhi?


Why Royal Pepper Banquet are one of the best in Delhi?

Royal Pepper Banquet halls is a chain of four banquet halls situated in the national capital. Royal Pepper Banquets are one of the best banquets in Delhi. People of Delhi are culturally diverse, we can find people from almost every part of this country here in the national capital, the only common trait of Delhiites is that we like to celebrate it big

Following are the top 5 reasons why Royal Pepper should be your next celebration destination.

  1. Location – Two banquets in Rohini, one banquet in Wazirpur and one banquet in Peeragarhi are the best celebration destination banquets in North Delhi. All of the banquets are well connected by a number of rail and road networks.
  2. Interior – Royal Pepper Banquets are designed in such a way that it gives a soothing effect on your senses. Everything from decoration to lighting is carefully designed by experts to impress you in every possible way. Our banquet halls are also loved by photographers.
  3. Food – The catering by Royal Pepper Banquets is something to talk about. Our work speaks for itself. None of our customers has complained about food’s taste or quality.
  4. Staff – Staff working at Royal Pepper are highly trained people. Discipline is something which set us apart from the crowd. Our managers also work around the clock to make sure you get best of the services.
  5. Customisation – Here at Royal Pepper we believe that your special day should happen like what you’ve always thought about it. You can decide your menu, we have a big list of dishes which we can offer. You can plan for a theme based event, our staff can also help you with it. We try our level best to meet your expectations.

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