April 28, 2018 Shashikant

Top 5 unique wedding décor ideas | Decoration ideas

Things To Take Care Of While Planning A Wedding

Décor is the first thing which everyone notices in a wedding. The entire mood and vibe of a wedding are directly related to the décor of the place. If you are not limited to your wedding planner’s creativity, then you are at the right place. The decoration and lighting trends keep on changing. The thumb rule is if you are having the wedding at night then you should focus on lighting more and if you have your wedding during daytime then focusing on other decorations would be beneficial.

Following are some unique wedding decoration ideas which you can do on your wedding day: –

  1. Floating lights – Floating lights always look amazing. This effect can be done with the help of candles, lanterns or LEDs. We recommend you to use LEDs as they are more efficient, effective and safe.
  2. Flowerless decorations – The efficient use of drapes, ribbons, lighting, plants, etc can fill up the need of flowers in a wedding. It’s a very eco-friendly yet beautiful approach to decorate your wedding venue.
  3. Themes based weddings – These days’ people are also having theme based weddings. The theme for the wedding could be anything like Disney Prince and Princess, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, etc. Themed wedding setups are romantic and beautiful.
  4. Memory wall – A wall of memory lane can be made at the entrance or near the main stage where the childhood photos of both bride and groom can be kept. This is a cute thing to do and it looks beautiful too.
  5. Kites – This might seem to be a childish idea but it definitely looks good. Having a wall of kites or a simple hanging made up entirely of kites look beautiful.

If you have some more unique wedding decoration ideas to share, other then what we listed above do let us know on our Facebook page. To know more about Royal Pepper Banquet halls visit our website www.royalpepperbanquets.com