April 22, 2018 Mayank

Top 5 out of the box wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are something which the newlyweds remember for a long time. After photographs and videos, wedding gifts have the longest shelf life in a wedding event. We usually don’t realise this but our wedding gifts usually stay with them for a long time. However, people are getting busier these days and not many of us want to spend time and put a thought of getting a special gift. Usually, wedding gifts are nothing but a bunch of crockery, bedsheets, flowers, air fryer, or maybe a microwave, and all of these gifts are stereotypical.

If you want your gift to be remembered you should give something personalised, something tailor-made for the couple. Following are the example of some out of the box personalised gift items.

  1. Personalised Photo frame – A personalised photo frame is a very good gift to give someone. That photo frame could have a good photo of couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot. Some people also do extra efforts by 3D engraving the wedding date on the frame itself.
  2. A custom vintage styled wall clock – You can get a custom wall clock with the name of the couple engraved on the dial. They’ll think of you every time they look at that clock to see time.
  3. Door Sign – A door sign is one of the most underrated accessories in a house. You can get a personalised door sign, exactly the way you want it to be and that though will be so much affordable.
  4. Couple T-Shirts – Couple t-shirts are in fashion these days, also they are adorable. If you gift good couple t-shirts to them, they will definitely love them.
  5. Couple bedsheets/pillow covers – Couple bedsheets or pillow covers are also a cute option to give.