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Things To Take Care Of While Planning A Wedding

Things To Take Care Of While Planning A Wedding

The actual worries of a wedding start immediately after the marriage is fixed. There are so many things to take care of in an Indian wedding which probably might not fit in just one article so we decided to narrow down most important things you should take care of in an Indian Wedding.

Budget – Budget is the second most important thing after the fixing of marriage. We all have some thoughts about how we want to celebrate the most special day of our life, but the reality is all those wishes should be backed up by a relevant budget.

Date – In many religions and cultures, the wedding date is often decided by priests or by the elder family members. However if given option you must always try to have your wedding in winters. Indian is a hot nation and summers here can be very discomforting, so celebrating marriage in winters is probably a good idea.

Location – Location is the second most prominent thing (just after memories) which is likely to be remembered after a wedding. Guests do remember the location where your marriage took place for rest of their lives. Royal Pepper Banquets make sure that your guests take good memories of the location with them.

Guest List – Preparing guest list is a good idea. It takes a lot of patience and brainstorming sessions to make a guest list. Too many guests can ruin your budget and too little can ruin the joy of a marriage.


Catering – Catering services are expected to run smoothly throughout the event. The staff of Royal Pepper Banquets make sure to comfort your relatives and guest as much as possible with the help of great varieties of food.

Décor – The decoration of the event can affect the mood of the people to a great extent. Theme based décor helps you to have greater control over the customisation.

Entertainment – The guests should always feel occupied by entertainment so that they don’t feel that this marriage is a boring one. The DJ, special singing and dancing performances, all come under this.

Royal Pepper Banquets wishes you all the best for your special day.

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