Do’s and Don’ts for a to-be-bride

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Here are some of the tried and tested Do’s and Don’ts for the bride to be taken care of so that she can make the best out of her wedding day and make it the most fascinating moment of her life:

Wedding day is undoubtedly the most special day for the couple and more specifically for the bride as the day after will be about to bring tremendous change in her life in all possible aspects.

Therefore it becomes extremely important for the bride to make wise decisions while planning for her dream day to avoid any hassle or unexpected problems.

  • Avoid Multitasking: It happens quite often that a to-be-bride gets overexcited for her wedding day that she pushes herself to do a lot of things on her own and end up doing nothing at all except getting stressed and messed. So you don’t really need to be a superwoman and asking for help from others would be a better alternative. Hire some of the best wedding planners to arrange everything the way you want.
Delhi Velvet Photography

Delhi Velvet Photography(bride)

  • Embrace the suggestions: Wedding brings a sense of joy and excitement not only for the couple but also for the entire family. Everyone starts planning and preparing for various ceremonies and rituals and you should value their advises and suggestions with an open heart and not neglecting their wishes just like that because family and friends are the only ones who would work hard to make your day special for you.


  • Unscramble the tasks: Wedding is not just a ceremony but rather a realization of the upcoming responsibilities. It would be great if you start practicing beforehand by organizing the tasks wisely and accomplish them with extreme sincerity. For e.g never choose your wedding outfits before analyzing the weather, your wedding venue, time of the day and the ambiance.


  • Steer clear of Wedding Registry Information: The wedding gift is not something compulsory for a guest to bring on a wedding ceremony though most of the people prefer getting one. Including wedding registries on the invitation card not only reveals the greedy side of the hosts(even if they aren’t) but also bounds the guest from having freedom of choice. A gift should be accepted with love and not have been asked.


  • Break the Ice: Gone are those days when the bride and groom had their first conversation after marriage, the time has changed. In the present scenario, it becomes absolutely necessary for you to have a clear perspective of “what are you both looking for in your relationship, your expectations, and dreams?”

Priyanka Chopra(bride) and Nick Jonas

  • Refrain from peer pressure: Every person is unique in their own sense of choices and behavior. Even when it is your wedding, you should welcome the advice and suggestions from your loved ones but don’t force yourself to fall under the peer pressure to do something you would have not done otherwise.


  • Practice being economical: Today is the state of inflation, you never know when would it become unfeasible to afford a better lifestyle you always wanted. A habit of saving for tomorrow would help you survive in the worst situations without being affected much.


  • Be thankful: You should be grateful to each and every individual who has put the best of their efforts to make your dream come true of a great grand wedding, be it your parents, friends, family, staff people, wedding planners, caterers and everyone we missed here 🙂
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma(bride)


  • Self-care helps: So after your wedding, there won’t be your mom running after you to feed you and taking care of you. So you need to act like a mature kid who knows what’s best for you and how you have to carry yourself and develop as an individual.

Stay Calm & Smile because it’s your wedding day 😉