CSR Activities in Royal Pepper Banquets


Introduction to CSR:

CSR refers to Corporate Social Responsibility which is an initiative taken by businesses and companies in order to take charge of the company’s effects on the social well being and environmental balance. It feels proud to know that India is the very first country to make this CSR activity mandatory for the companies in India.

This encourages the companies to share their profit for the benefit of the needy people. This initiative is for sure creating a very positive impact on the environment and serve humanity in the best possible way.


As a company can invest their share of profits in areas like gender equality, environmental issues, education, and poverty to help everyone grow together, Royal Pepper Banquets which provides best banquet hall services in North Delhi are putting their efforts in order to maintain the balance and doing their part honestly.

1st CSR Activity ( Effluent Treatment Plant): 

One of the CSR activities done by Royal Pepper Banquets is the installation of ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plant) as a step forward to take responsibility of the waste generated from our units. Its aim is to recycle the effluents to be used for the purpose of gardening and non-domestic usage. By adhering to the norms specified by the Indian government, we feel honored to be a part of this activity by putting our efforts towards a better and pollution-free world.

At Royal Pepper Banquets, we are striving for continuous improvement and through implementing these CSR activities, we are getting closer to a world free of pollution and poverty. We are extremely proud to be a part of such an initiative working for a noble cause. Along with that, doing these activities motivates our team and the clients as they realize that the company they are associated with is working for their better living and well being.

Though these CSR activities are mandatory to be executed by companies and organizations, being a responsible citizen, it becomes our duty to pay attention to increasing environmental damage and nutrition deficiency. We need to wake up and do the needful to improve present conditions and make sure we leave a better world for the generations to come to live happily.


2nd CSR Activity (RainWater Harvesting System):

Doing CSR activities not just motivates the employees working within a company or an organization but also drives a sense of responsibility in every citizen to take care of the planet Earth. This change is the need of the hour as we see it in our daily lives about the hazardous effects of increasing pollution and the extinction of resources to meet the demands of the ever-growing population.

One such activity that we have been doing at Royal Pepper Banquets is to install Rainwater Harvesting Systems to ensure that we are making optimal use of every drop of the precious water. As we know that even after abundant availability of water on the surface of the earth, there is still a scarcity of consumable water because of the amount of salinity present in ocean waters. So to replenish the fresh water in the form of groundwater, rainwater harvesting systems are proving to be a great alternative. The rainwater stored with the help of these rainwater harvesting systems can be used for multi-purposes like washing clothes and utensils, irrigation, watering plants, and it can also be easily filtered for drinking purposes.

Implementing the harvesting systems, we can store enough water to be used during dry seasons and also we can help our government by reducing the pressure on the municipal systems to handle the water demands of the people. The best part about this rainwater harvesting system is that it is very cost-effective which makes it pocket-friendly for almost everyone with small businesses and households to install them. The durability of these systems adds more value to the efficiency they hold to collect rainwater and make it usable for consumption. 

Our team at Royal Pepper Banquets is making every possible effort to contribute towards a better society.

3rd CSR Activity (Compost Machine):

These CSR activities help us to achieve our aim to become the best banquet halls in North Delhi as we add value to the services that we provide to our clients. Along with serving our clients in the best possible way, we are trying our level best to serve humanity by saving not just humans but all life forms from extinction through environment-friendly activities.

Installation of Compost machines is yet another opportunity for us to take a step forward in the direction of making this world be a better place to live. This is one of the CSR activities that we have been doing to play our role as a responsible organization of the country.

Establishment of these compost machines at our banquet halls in Peeragarhi, Wazirpur, and Rohini will help us to set up waste management systems in order to dispose and process the biodegradable waste generated at the units. This would lead to generating organic manure from the waste materials which can be further utilized to nourish crops.

Though the investment involved in setting up compost machines is huge, that seems so less when we look on the other side where everyone is getting benefits from the same. These machines ensure that 100% of the waste is disposed of and that too in an eco-friendly manner. It is definitely a very tried and tested method to replenish the nutrients in the soil using the manure generated from the wastes produced in the banquet hall units.

We at Royal Pepper Banquets feel very honored to be a part of this initiative as it gives us immense pleasure to be able to do good to mankind and other life forms and shake hands with nature.


Through this CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) activity, we have been working hard to give our 100% in the initiative of making our country a safer and better place to live. We look forward to expanding and reach more and more people through this program.

It has been an amazing experience to make these CSR activities a part of our banquet hall team and put the best efforts to make it happen!

Royal Pepper Queens Club: Empowering Women

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, correctly said by John Gray.

Being a responsible lady at one point of time and a nostalgic kid at the other moment, a sweet and beautiful princess at one time and a fierce devil at the very next moment, only a woman can handle all these roles altogether.  We feel proud at our Royal Pepper Queens Club whose members have been putting all their efforts and hard work to empower women in our society. By organizing various events at the Royal Pepper Banquets, their motive is to bring together all the talented ladies out there to explore their unrevealed talents and show them to the rest of the world. They know what being a feminist actually means, that is they are not in the favor of proving them better than the male society but they are not even willing to accept that they are inferior as well.

Main Members:

Sarita Gupta, Komal Gupta, Preeti Garg, Jyoti Kwatra, Renu Khurana and Sheena Tagra



Members of Royal Pepper Queen Club are making constant efforts to allow the ladies to take out time from their hectic schedules and spend quality time with their own self, in order to nourish and develop their personalities to capture some of the best memories of their life.

Our main motive is to provide a platform to the women of our society to come forward and take stand for their dignity and self respect and to show the entire world that they are not meant to be locked inside the home for household work and that they can achieve all the success and dreams with their dedication and hard work.

Some Glimpses of Events:

  • Valentine Day Celebration





  • Chokhi Dhani- Day Out



  • Karwachauth



  • Dandiya

Presting Prizes for Best Performer

Royal Pepper Queens club is looking forward to organizing more such interesting and empowering events to help the women to lift their status in the male dominating societies.

Mr. Youth Style Icon and Princess of India-2019

With the immense support of Aggarwal Vaish Welfare trust-Regd and Royal Pepper Banquet & The Maiden Crown, AV Modelling Youth Power organised a press conference in which Mr. Rajendra Murthaliya, chairman of welfare trust & Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal, chief conservator of trust announced that a competition of Mr. Youth Style Icon & Princess of India-2019 will be held on 17th March 2019. He told that there would be three positions awarded to the winners with first, second & third prize respectively. A huge number of avid male and female candidates have registered for this event that shows the excitement among the crowd for the competition. This event is meant to welcome the young and aspiring talents of the country to provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and be amazed at their hidden potential.




Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal also mentioned that this competition will be organized in “Royal Pepper Banquets” in Peeragarhi, Delhi which is well known for its hospitality services and amazing ambiance. The event is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the candidates to make their families and the country proud of them and shine like a star.



banquet-halls-eventMr. Rajendra Murthaliya told that AV Modelling Youth Power is well known to conduct such events for the avid male and female models who wish to try their luck in the TV and Film industries. The conference was also attended by the present & last year winners of Mr. & Ms. India competition and other elite members of the trust and members of Royal Pepper Queens club.

Since Royal Pepper Banquets which are the Best Banquets in North Delhi is going to host this event, this would be one of the grand events this year for sure.