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If you have observed or been involved in planning any of your relatives wedding, you must have realized that planning a wedding starts with finding a perfect venue. When selecting a wedding venue, there are hundreds of factors that you will have to consider.
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How convenient will it be for you and your relatives to reach the venue, is it in the extreme outskirts? Is there sufficient amount of parking facilities , do they provide valets parking? Etc
Food and Catering
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It is very important to consider which all cuisines the banquet hall is providing you with, do they serve only vegetarian or non-vegetarian food is also permitted by them? Do they provide in-house services, or you have to hire it from outside? It is also very important that you enquire about associated. Check whether they make arrangements for alcohol?
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A very important factor that most of us ignore, checking whether the venue has appropriate licenses for liquor, DJ/ live performance, etc. Make sure that you Discuss the minute legalities with the venue manager to ensure you do not omit any likely license query.
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Always check with the banquet about the venue costs or if they allow external vendors, understand the layout of the decoration and explain them what exactly are you looking for.
Seating Arrangement
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Ideally, Depending on the number of guests the seating arrangement is determined additionally ask the venue manager about the type of chairs and tables they will provide ask them what type of seating arrangement is most feasible for your budget
Closing Time
A majority of venues do not usually have any closing time, but some of them do, pre enquire with them if they have any specific timing to conclude the function, or they have any other event commitments etc.
To be on the safer side, and keeping in mind the possibility of last minute changes you should always ask the venue provider about the cancellation policy, taxes, amount of deposit/security etc.