August 28, 2017 royalpepper

The Monsoon Wedding Venue Tips

1.Outdoor Venues anyone v/s Indoor Venue

Outdoor Venue
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Try and avoid an outdoor wedding venue. There are chances things could wrong as nature is always unpredictable. If you are sure you want an outdoor venue, be prepared to increase your budget a bit as it involves some preparation with respect to waterproofing and safety and comfort of the guests and also be prepared for last minute venue changes. Provide adequate cover to it. Wedding lawns and grounds need to be double checked for evenness and potholes where water can collect.

Indoor Venue
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Choose a banquet hall as a wedding venue which is large enough to accommodate all your guests. At the entry point make provision for the guests to dry up before they enter the hall, such as doormats. They would appreciate you for this gesture. Also, you wouldn’t have a trail of water running into your wedding hall courtesy of wet footwear.If you want a bit of the outdoors in your wedding, choose a venue that has large glass windows with a view of the beautiful nature outside. When it begins to rain, all can enjoy the scenic view.

2.Pre-wedding venue

To take advantage of the weather and enjoy the rains, you can book an open-air poolside venue for your pre-wedding function make the seating arrangement such that it is only partially covered so that in case your guests want to enjoy rain dance or sit in shade they have both the alternatives open It would be great if your banquet hall provides in-house catering and serves a steady stream of hot snacks and drinks throughout your party like royal pepper banquets in northwest Delhi.

3.Water logging

A common problem during the monsoons is water logging. Ensure that the road leading up to your banquet hall is not prone to waterlogging and potholes. Visit the banquet hall and check this aspect and the location of the venue before you book it. You need to take care so that your guests can reach your venue without hassles.

4.Parking Space
parking space

Before you book your venue, look for the parking space available there. Ensure that ample parking is available for your guests. Make sure that there is ample and responsible valet service provider as your guests even won’t want to enter your wedding all drenched up This is a necessary step that will make your guests comfortable.

5.Avoid Fresh Flower Decor

fresh flower

Beautiful flowers on wedding banquet arrangement

Flowers may be the popular choice for wedding decor, but not during the rainy season as they attract unwanted visitors- insects and bugs and due to moisture flowers also loose their charm and they start smelling foul. Monsoon themed weddings are a great idea. Incorporate fountains, umbrellas and rainbow colors into your themes.