May 13, 2018 Shashikant

Himesh Reshammiya married actor Sonia Kapoor

We were still in the hangover from wedding pictures of Sonam Kapoor Weds Anand Ahuja (8th May 2018) and Neha Weds Angad (10th May 2018) and now suddenly news of Himesh Reshammiya Weds Sonia (12th May 2018) came up. Bollywood celebrities are famous and anything related to them gets popular automatically, but it seems like celebrities prefer privacy in their weddings and they are very good at it.

Both Himesh Reshammiya and Sonia Kapoor are popular celebs and they have a huge fan base. This is the second marriage of music composer and actor Himesh Reshammiya, prior to this Himesh was married for 22 years. Komal (Himesh’s ex-wife) and Himesh filed for divorce in September 2016 which was finalised in January 2017. Sonia who has acted in many tv shows and movies like Fareb, Office, Don Muthu Swami, etc married Himesh at his home in Mumbai in a private ceremony.


Himesh shared wedding pictures with the caption “Togetherness is bliss!”. Pictures shared by Himesh gave us so many wedding goals. The newlywed couple looked very happy and in so much love with each other in the pictures. The happiness on the faces of Himesh and Sonia speaks for their love for each other.

Some reports have suggested that in the closed wedding ceremony of this couple, only attending were the family members. Swaym who is Himesh’s son from his first marriage was also present at the wedding.

According to an article by Mid Day, Himesh said that wedding was a last minute Plan and due to odd mahurat timings they could not invite their friends. Himesh also said that he will be having a party for all of the couple’s friends and family. The wedding date was an immediate decision however marrying was an obvious next step because the couple was together for a long time now.