May 31, 2018 Mayank

Gursimran Khamba released his wedding video and it is nothing like you have ever seen before.

Gursimran Khamba who is also popularly known as “Khamba” is the Co-founder of the famous comedy group “All India Bakchod.” With around 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube, All India Bakchod (Also known as AIB) is one of the most popular channels in India. The honest series by this comedy group was a huge hit. Majorly AIB makes videos on topics like AIB’s Honest Series, Bollywood Stuff, Better Life Foundation, Ask AIB, Social Satire, Political Satire, Podcast, Musical Comedy, etc.

Gursimran Khamba got married to his girlfriend, Ishmeet Kohli on 20th February 2018. Key people of AIB like Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya were present at the wedding. Being an internet sensation, Khamba decided to come public about his wedding via the internet, He announced publically first time about the marriage on Abish Mathew’ Show, “Son of Abhish” and then later he shared a post about his girlfriend on Instagram.

Ishmeet Weds Gursimran wedding video is something which you might have never seen before. Titled as “Honest Punjabi Wedding feat. Ismeet and Khamba” with the hashtag #KokiKhamba, the video is uploaded on YouTube from Gursimran Khamba’s account.

The video started with a very cute fight between the couple about making a wedding video or not and then followed by various video shots from different functions of their wedding. Not to mention that this is a wedding video of a fulltime comedian so there were mocking of cliché wedding photography poses as well. A lot of Khamba’s special friends were also to be seen in the video like Kaneez Surka and Abish Mathew. The couple seemed very happy together while playing some fun wedding games. Ishmeet and Khamba got married in Sikh tradition

All the dresses of the couple were mesmerizing in the entire video and everything about their dresses was very well thought. The couple looked amazing throughout the video. The video ended on a very humorous note, all we could judge from the video is that Ishmeet is also no less than Khamba when it comes to humour. I am very sure that this wedding video of Ishmeet Weds Khamba will give a lot of wedding goals to all of us.

Here Is The Video

Honest Punjabi Wedding feat. Ismeet and Khamba #KokiKhamba