April 28, 2018 Shashikant

How to get perfect eye makeup for any wedding?

Hello, all the pretty ladies out there. Too many in weddings in a month and no time for
Well here are some tips and tricks to get the perfect winged and smoky eyes with perfect
choices and blend of concealers, mascaras, eye shades and brushes. Let’s check what’s
trending in and get perfect pro eyes.


1. Clean your eyelids and apply a primer on them, this helps in keeping the eye makeup
from smudging and ensures it stays on for longer.
2. To make your eyelashes look denser and deeper, apply the eyeliner as close to the
lash-line as possible so that it appears to be a part of the natural lash line. This is called
3. Keep the tip of your liner thin but blunt to achieve the perfect shape. To keep your
liner from crumbling, you can freeze it before sharpening
4. Use a liquid liner, to get the perfect winged eyeliner– start on the lash line at the pupil
and move towards the corners.
If your hand is not comfortable enough for liquid eyeliners then the first line your eyes
with a pencil liner, then move over it with your liquid liner.
5. To get smoky eyes, always use a pencil eyeliner as these are softer and creamier.

You can also smudge it out using a smudging brush for those effortlessly cool smoky eyes.

6. Choose more subtle colours like brown, beige and black for a more elegant look and
apply mascara to complement the simple look.
Always Remember:  To achieve perfect symmetry, always tilt your face up and look down
as you apply eyeliner
So, keep these simple tips on toes of your mind while doing your eyes, and you will go

straight from being a novice to a pro.

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