April 28, 2018 Shashikant

DIY Hairstyles for this wedding season

Wedding being one of most precious days of life demands you to stand out and shine amongst the crowd. Preparing for the big day of wedding not only includes just selecting the perfect bridal gowns or dresses, it also includes a perfectly made hair and accessories that compliments your dress and makes you shine all over. A perfect hair style that goes with your dress makes a lot of difference in your appearance.

There is a lot to be taken care of while selecting a hair style that goes perfectly with your dress. Your wedding hairstyle should match the style of your bridal gown. If you have are wearing a princess ball-gown, a flamboyant up-do goes best with it.
A slicked back ponytail or bun suites best for a contemporary gown, along with a floral fabric side band.
If you have selected chiffon dress and a whimsical lace, you can do your hair down with unstructured curls, or go for a loose chignon with trailing tendrils around the face.

An evening gown goes well with smooth structured waves and sparkly and shiny glowing accessories.
Your wedding hairstyle won’t stand alone on your big day; it will need to blend flawlessly with the rest of your amazingly pretty looking bridal outfit. Mix and match it with the neckline of your dress, your wedding jewellery you have chosen, and even with ambience bouquet.
If your bridal gown is heavy, or you are planning to put up heavy jewellery such as chandelier earrings, you should try to keep your hairstyle sleek and simple a.
However, if your wedding dress is plain, and few accessories, you can ago being to be flamboyant with your hairstyle and create a complex up-do, or a cascade or nest of curls.

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