June 16, 2018 Mayank

Dessert Trends Which Indian Weddings Should Also Have

Desserts are a lot more than sweets in India. Desserts in a wedding are a symbol of happiness and celebrations. For a long time, we are having the same choice of desserts at our weddings so this is the right time to try something out of the box. Following is the list of dessert ideas which you can follow for your wedding.


  1. Wedding Cake – Wedding cakes can be introduced in Indian weddings. However, it is very difficult to make a big cake for a typical big fat Indian wedding but it is possible.
  2. Cup Cakes – The concept of cupcakes is not very much familiar to Indians. Cupcakes are delicious and can be offered in many different flavors and styles. Cupcakes can be made in advance and they need no special attention during serving.
  3. Cotton Candy – Cotton candy is something which is equally popular among all generations of the family. A live cotton candy counter will be a good add-on to your dessert list.
  4. A Pie Counter – Pies are delicious dessert option. You can have a stock of already prepared pies at your wedding. Pies are offered in different shapes and sized and are available in many flavors. Your guests will be excited to try a dessert which is not usually available in Indian weddings.
  5. Waffle – Waffles are gaining a lot of popularity in India lately. Waffles are offered in different flavors and can be presented with a lot of combinations. A live waffle counter is something you should have at your wedding. Please note that preparing a waffle takes some time so having more than one counter is strongly advised. Additionally, you can also offer different toppings of chocolates on the waffles, according to the needs of the guest.
  6. Ice Cream Cones – Ice Creams are common in Indian weddings but Ice cream in different styles cones is very less to be seen. You can offer different flavors of both ice cream and cones in many different combinations. A live counter is needed for this dessert.

Now that you have an idea of different dessert option, choose something out of the box and entertain your guest in a whole new different way.