Wedding E-Invites- to be or not to be?

Traditional expression of emotions?
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Indian weddings just like other weddings too, can have plenty of emotions involved. But when creating e-invites or paper invites alike, simple emotionless guidelines for the wedding at banquet hall in delhi is always the best way to go. With e-invites, you have got to judge the audience you are sending out the invitations to. While some of your elders will not have access to e-invites there is a huge possibility that you may just end up forgetting some really important people, or hereby, offending some.

Wedding websites
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IF you are planning to launch your own wedding website, or create a social media page for the same by sending out ‘save-your-date’ invites, give your guests complete information on what the wedding will be like, where it would be held, the climes at the moment, how to get there, which rituals on what day would be held and all important information that they need to know. You need to set the privacy of such events to only your relatives, where you might just leak out some information or some surprises to people before your wedding day.

Email or not to email?

Yes, emails would save plenty of your time, postage money and transport money, especially if the attendees aren’t staying in the vicinity, the same city or the country for that matter. Sending out formal e-invites with an RSVP here makes sense. But here arises the same problem of reach, many people have disused email-ids some might just change it with time and many people don’t have a habit to open it daily.

Catching up
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While you send out e-invites, ensure to leave a RSVP number for the attendees to follow-up with. If it isn’t a large number of guests attending your wedding, and if the attendees are around close by; drop in personally and present them with the invite. However, if the invites are for a small group, you may go ahead and email them all-solo or in a group. But understand the group here; not everyone is net savvy-elders especially.


Almost all our blogs about wedding have a point about budget, indian weddings are indeed a very expensive affair Paper wedding invites per piece can touch the skies cost wise. But if you hire the right wedding graphic card designer, you can cut on your cost and send e-invites have save yourself a huge chunk of cash

eco friendly
Lets go all conventional and understand the importance of paper its no rocket science to understand that we have to Save trees and lessen the carbon footprint, Wedding cards in paper are very seldom kept for memory sake,and they eventually make their way to the bin soon after the wedding.Do your bit for nature and stop the felling of trees; make your wedding an eco-friendly one-save time and energy and resources on the same.

Typical Indian Excuses For Getting Married

old wedding style
You are getting old. You should get married AND old in India does not mean 35, you can be as old as umm.. 22?

You are going to be ugly, Go Marry!
According to Indian parents logic their child will get bald, fat or ugly with time, and if they are ugly they won’t get any groom/bride to marry, so best way to solve the ageing problem. You should get married.

Because Norms
wedding rituals
You should get married because all your friends and batch mates are getting married and having babies. Peer Pressure taken to a new level altogether

wedding traditional
Best way out to kill boredom Is not to turn on their TV sets but to get married.

Because you have nothing to do.
wedding traditions
School done. College done. Job done. You should get married.

Raise A family
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Late marriage means late kids. Which means more complications for women,You should get married.

To make way
In India it is officially illegal according to Indian parents for younger siblings to get married if they have a elder brother or sister who is unmarried. Indeed a very legit reason to get married

Because People ask
Indian relatives are always more concerned than you yourself your wedding, talk about peer pressure here.

wedding in banquet
Now this is a serious one. Indian parents especially in the case of their daughters We want to be free from their apparent ‘responsibility.’ And hence You should get married.

Emotional blackmail
it was their great grand parents last wish to see their, niece/nephew get married so you should get married for their “happiness” or be blamed by the family forever. And also forget about your wishes.

Because “Acchha rishta hai”
Indoor wedding
Ladka/ladki foreign se padh ke aaya/aayi hai. An unlimited offer like a sale in zara which if don’t grab anyone else will. So basically this should be enough of a reason for You to get married.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Makeup Artist

1. Begin your search early
bridal make-up
If you ever are in attendance at a wedding where you just love the bride’s makeup, do make it a point to ask for her makeup artist’s details. Even a contact number will do. Even if your wedding is not on the cards in the near future, it is quite handy to have the contact details so you can refer to it when you require the services. At least you have an idea of the artist’s work. Make use of the internet wisely to your benefit.Most professional makeup artists will either be listed on these websites or have their own websites, showcasing their portfolio and other details.

2. Decide for yourself first,
bride make up
Have an idea of the kind of look you want for your wedding day. Look through magazines and the internet and keep a file of photos that you can show your makeup artist later to give her examples of the kind of look you desire. Sometimes a visual can get your message across better than words and actions.

3. Ask Questions
Once you have shortlisted the artists give them all a call and have a short conversation with them. Have a list of questions ready to ask them. The questions could be as follows:-
Are you available on my wedding date?
Do you have experience with makeup for brides?
How many trial makeup sessions will you do and will the charges be included in the fees?
Do you require an advance payment?
Are you flexible enough to travel to my location?
What products do you use? Will you be bringing all the necessary makeup equipment or do you expect me to get them?
Will you be able to manage to do the makeup for my friends and other members of my family? Do you have the resources for it? If yes what are the costs involved?
Can you do both hair and makeup?
Are you certified?
What if you are unable to make it on the day of my wedding? Will you be able to send a replacement? If yes, who will that be?
While talking to them observe how they interact with you. They should have the patience to listen to you and answer all your queries to your satisfaction. They should be glad to share information about the products they would use and services.

4. Compare Prices
wedding make up
Weddings are an expensive affair, no doubt. But this is not an aspect where you should try to economize. There are makeup artists available for far less than the others but then one cannot be too sure of the results.. It is, therefore, wise to prefer a professional who does great work.

5. Trial makeup
Once you have finalized your makeup artist, keep in touch with her. Have discussions over the look and the products she will be using. Inform her of any skin allergies you have. A professional makeup artist would use the time to begin your trial makeup, suggest any dermatological treatments if necessary, advice about skin care regimes to follow, and work with you towards achieving your ideal wedding look.

13 Creative and Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

1.Comic Invite

A comic style wedding invitation telling your guests about your wedding so creatively within its dialogues, credits, venue and dates.

2.Pharmaceutical Invite

You can make a replica of the first aid kit write out venue, date, credits in the form of bandages, ointments etc. it can turn out to be wacky but innovative. The scheduled warning goes “Not to be sold. Only to be exchanged for a lot of love, togetherness, loyalty, and faith.”

3.Whats App

WhatsApp has inspired many creations, wedding invitations being one of them. See how this couple tells their story and invite with the help of a “conversation”, screenshots, videos stories etc. you can also use WhatsApp to send countdowns for your wedding day to your guests.

4.Video Invite

Couples have taken to making video invites more often these days. There is more scope to convey more in a few minutes and it stays longer in memory, is innovative and is more impactful than any other paperback or card invite.

5.Theme Based

Got a favorite movie theme? Couples may find a particular theme very enduring and adapt them for the venue and invitation you can make a graphic for the same and mail it to your guests or use a traditional box covered with fabrics with bright colors in real time.

6.Royal Cards

Royal wedding invite

Satin cards embellished with an elaborate pin give the feeling of opulence for those royal themed weddings attract them with box of dry fruit and sweets and present them to your guests, a royal invite does not only make your event look luxurious but also give a sense of being “special” to your guests.

7.Caricature cards
engagement invite

Let the fun begin with your caricatures. Make caricatures of yourselves and present a story or an image inspired by humor you can use bitstrips or even bitemoji’s to give out a personalized look to your graphic invites.

8.Simple but honest

Make you wedding invite humorous and creative. Keep it simple with minimal designs and information inviting your guests to shower their blessings on the couple, you can make it more elegant by making it in the form a scroll or a parchment.

9.Box of sweets and an Idol
dry fruit

Make sweet beginnings by sending a box of sweets with your invite – A creative box type invite with a beautiful idol of a god, as a memento to your guests . The invitation contains sweet boxes neatly mounted at the back of the idol. Such an invitation will not only pleases the eyes but taste buds too.

10.Boarding pass / theatre tickets

theatre ticket style invitetheatre ticket style invite

The boarding pass and theatre tickets kind of wedding invites mostly reflect the couple’s love for travelling and theatre or their professions keep it small and simple like a entry ticket to your wedding, it will add a fun element to your wedding.

11.Blow up the balloon

Funny invite

This couple sent out their wedding invites printed on balloons and included a little note to blow up the balloon in order to read the invite. This sets a light and fun tone right from the very beginning so guests may expect the same at the wedding.

12.Passport style
passport style invite

Another style of a wedding invite for the travel bug. If you would like to chronicle your travels or convey your story in pictures, like where you both met, where you proposed, places you visited together etc put it all in the wedding “passport”. Include pictures, a few words about your travels or a poem.

13.Musical paper Invite

Music is magical. Moreover, if you are going to have a great musical themed wedding set the tone right from the start with musical wedding invites. Your guests are going to remember your wedding whenever they hear the song later.

Top 10 Bride Fashion Trends

1.The statement back

No matter black is the one of the most common colour and also one of the favourite for everyone but deep black cuts are also very much in so you can carry a perfect backless outfit make it design standout and make a statement of your own.

Traditional saree

2.Steal the deal with Pastel ghagras

Yes, It’s too much out there but if you are one of those people who like it loud and ‘jhatak’ you will love them. Pastel coloured choli paired with a neon ghagra is a perfect pick for your mehendi or sangeet ceremony.

Bridal wear

3.Experiment with chick jackets

Chick Jackets Are usually carried with Kurtis or western tank tops but they never refuse to be worn with sarees and lehengas It’s stylish and will compliment both your saree and lehenga. You have so many options like plain, velvet, intricate embroidery, heavy beadwork, beautiful embellishments, etc.

4.Try long cholis

Extremely chic and gorgeous long cholis on your lehenga will deck up your look and make you stand out. It’s striking, comfortable and there is so much scope of experimentation.

Bridal wear

5.Mix Western with Indian fusion lehengas

Cocktail and reception are events when you can relax and chill. And wearing a heavy lehnga which is too shimmery is not cool try to mix the right colour with right design with a touch of western elements to get your perfect cocktail dress.

6.Black & White is always a win

Black is not considered as an auspicious colour for wedding, so you might not be carrying that on your D-day, but for other peripheral functions, a stunning ensemble in black and white will rule the evening.

marriage in banquet

7.Flaunt Your Shoulders with “off-shoulders”

Tube tops and dresses can sometimes be considered as inappropriate for an Indian wedding, but if you fuse the off shoulder with your bridal outfit, it looks really elegant and graceful. Don’t hesitate from trying something new try and do things which are not conventional and break the norms to create your own style statement.

Bengali wedding

8.Try Shimmers

It can be little bold to carry the gold outfit, jewellery and make-up all together; but if you have got it in you, and you are confident enough that you can carry it out right then don’t think twice before going for that look. You are going to kill it.

9.And… if you decide to go red, do it right!

Team it up with gold make-up and stunning jewellery. Don’t let it have too much red or it will lose its charm you can also try different shades of red to suit your convince. And when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, always pick something which you have not seen already a lot of times.

bridal lehenga

10.Go multicolour!

It’s always been about reds and pinks and oranges. Why not try something different this time? The royal blue, or different shades of white, peach, yellow etc.

The Monsoon Wedding Venue Tips

1.Outdoor Venues anyone v/s Indoor Venue

Outdoor Venue
best banquet in delhi

Try and avoid an outdoor wedding venue. There are chances things could wrong as nature is always unpredictable. If you are sure you want an outdoor venue, be prepared to increase your budget a bit as it involves some preparation with respect to waterproofing and safety and comfort of the guests and also be prepared for last minute venue changes. Provide adequate cover to it. Wedding lawns and grounds need to be double checked for evenness and potholes where water can collect.

Indoor Venue
best banquet in delhi

Choose a banquet hall as a wedding venue which is large enough to accommodate all your guests. At the entry point make provision for the guests to dry up before they enter the hall, such as doormats. They would appreciate you for this gesture. Also, you wouldn’t have a trail of water running into your wedding hall courtesy of wet footwear.If you want a bit of the outdoors in your wedding, choose a venue that has large glass windows with a view of the beautiful nature outside. When it begins to rain, all can enjoy the scenic view.

2.Pre-wedding venue

To take advantage of the weather and enjoy the rains, you can book an open-air poolside venue for your pre-wedding function make the seating arrangement such that it is only partially covered so that in case your guests want to enjoy rain dance or sit in shade they have both the alternatives open It would be great if your banquet hall provides in-house catering and serves a steady stream of hot snacks and drinks throughout your party like royal pepper banquets in northwest Delhi.

3.Water logging

A common problem during the monsoons is water logging. Ensure that the road leading up to your banquet hall is not prone to waterlogging and potholes. Visit the banquet hall and check this aspect and the location of the venue before you book it. You need to take care so that your guests can reach your venue without hassles.

4.Parking Space
parking space

Before you book your venue, look for the parking space available there. Ensure that ample parking is available for your guests. Make sure that there is ample and responsible valet service provider as your guests even won’t want to enter your wedding all drenched up This is a necessary step that will make your guests comfortable.

5.Avoid Fresh Flower Decor

fresh flower

Beautiful flowers on wedding banquet arrangement

Flowers may be the popular choice for wedding decor, but not during the rainy season as they attract unwanted visitors- insects and bugs and due to moisture flowers also loose their charm and they start smelling foul. Monsoon themed weddings are a great idea. Incorporate fountains, umbrellas and rainbow colors into your themes.

Tips to a memorable sangeet ceremony

royal pepper banquets

Sangeet function is a common function that both the bride’s and the groom’s family attends so you should select your venue keeping that in, start with the The location of the banquet hall should be convenient to both parties. If both the bride and groom’s side are contributing, then decisions need to be taken after discussion and on an agreement of both sides. Consider the space available at the venue before booking. There should be enough free space for dancing and seating arrangements for those who would like to sit and watch only.

Best banquets in delhi

Prepare a list of all those who you think will dance. Some may require some convincing but do encourage them. Selecting the right song is important. You could make the show more exciting by following a theme or using props or put up a funny act out of the love story of the couple your family members and friends. The dances could be solo or group performances. Towards the end, The dance of the bride and groom should be the highlight of the day. Place it towards the end just before the entire family comes onto the stage.


Nowadays many families prefer hiring choreographers than asking their cousins to get the performances ready or doing it by themselves. Choreographers can assist you with putting up a great show for your family. If you are getting married during ‘wedding season’, it would be wise to book your choreographer as early as possible as the good ones get booked soon. Start practicing your dance moves at least a few weeks prior to the Sangeet.

music in banquet

Music is the soul of this event hence should be given the most importance. You can hire a DJ for the event or have your own collection of carefully selected songs played. The advantage of having a DJ is that he can play music for your guests to dance freely and enjoy even after the choreographed performances are over. This way, those who didn’t get a chance to perform on stage, can have a good time too. The professional DJ plays music that can be enjoyed by those who are dancing as well as those who just listening.

best banquet in delhi

Select a theme for you banquet hall and decorate it that way. Drapes, artificial flowers, fairy lights, bright carpets, bangles, and numerous other things can be used for decorating the function hall. It depends on your theme but generally a Sangeet function is associated with fun and liveliness so choose the themes accordingly. Make use of bright colors and plenty of lights.


1.Cover The Ceilings with drapes

Fabrics can be used as a very powerful tool if used in the right manner; they can create an illusion of grandeur around at a small banquet. Fabric when chosen as elegant and formal, in night functions and bright pastels can be used for a morning event it can not only increase the fun factor the but provide with an illusion of grandeur too. Balance the look around with minimally decorated table tops at the wedding, where you can go light for the reception.

2.Try diverse Textures and Patterns
Royal pepper banquet

Textures and patterns can also add to the ambience make the banquet hall’s aura look large. For example, if you have sofas spread out to make the guests sit on, you should use patterned pillow cases in royal tones for the grand effect to come through. Throw in pop of shades and colors to add more fun to them, and mix and match as well. The feeling of space would come by.

3.Play with Flowers

Flowers are not just for the table tops or display at weddings; you can have them to give a more spaced out look to the banquet hall if you hang them a few feet above the dinner tables to give your banquet hall a more intimate and a spacious look. Bright flowers bring in more illusion of space, darker flowers make the space look collapsed sunk in.

4.Use dim Table Lamps

Tall table lamps are great to use at intervals on large buffet tables. They create more height on the tables and can be surrounded with flowers and decoration material to cover the cords. Keep the lights bright and nice, more on the creamy tones for more space illusion to come through.

5.Go Retro, use Lanterns

Weddings have had paper lanterns as decor pieces, if you use them in the right way you can create an illusion of space. you can use multiple of them on the ceiling, you can create an illusion of largeness. Check the dimensions of the venue first, and then double up the need for paper lanterns-it would be a different story altogether.

6.Get the Seating Arrangement right

Break the norms when it comes to choosing the right seating arrangement for your event. It is not necessary that you need to have sofas at weddings, just because you have seen most Indian weddings have them. Try comfortable armchairs, single couches, throw cushions and bean bags around, and even floor seating arrangements with rugs The unexpected set up would bring in more space and seating arrangements too.

7.Use the right Decor
party hall

The use of decorative mirrors should be taken into consideration when working on a small banquet space. This is a fabulous way to create an illusion of space, and the whole area lights up to look gorgeous and stunning too. Decorative mirrors should be large, and used mostly as backdrops or can be placed on the hall walls of the banquet.

7 Must Do-s For An Adorable Indian

1.If your wedding is scheduled at night make sure there are enough snacks and drinks to keep everybody high on energy

In case your wedding is a night affair, with pheras scheduled in midnight make sure there are enough beverages both hot and cold and snacks to keep up everybody’s energy on zenith.

2.Have A Bangle Booth
Bangle booth

Choosing return gifts for your guests is anyway a very tiring tasks, so why not set up a bangle booth and let your guests choose themselves it not only reduces your effort but also gives a very elegant look to your event you can contact banquet halls especially royal pepper banquets in north west Delhi and get personalized touch to your events

3.Royal Thrones For The couple
Royal banquet

Its officially the couple’s day so they deserve the most standing out throne, they deserve this bit of special treatment at least, you can get these arrangements done easily at royal pepper banquets.

4.Photo booths are the easiest way to make
photo both

Your wedding memorable.Set up photo booths and place placards, glasses and props to make your wedding memorable with all the pictures preserved in the wackiest way possible.

5.Take Care Of The Kids

for kids


You can go for a dedicated kids station or fun activities to keep the kids busy so that they also enjoy the fun in your wedding and do not feel isolated. You can also have candy stops at different places within the banquet hall.

6.Unite and don’t divide
royal pepper banquet

With Indian weddings accompanies some unstated rules and divisions like one that of the ladkiwalas and the ladkewalas, make sure that on your D-Day you focus more on having fun than focusing on these superficial no good divisions.


Divert a particular section of the banquet hall and convert it into a “wall of blessing” where all your guests come and write personalized messages and wishes for you and post it on the wall, all you need is post-it stamps, pens and your guests.

5 Tips To Hiring the Best Indian Wedding Photographer

Hire professionals
royal pepper banquets 2

This is a critical factor to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. A professional would have the experience and know-how required for shooting on the wedding day tirelessly from start to finish. Professional and passionate photographer is the only one who will consider your wedding to be another occasion to explore and not a mere event to earn cash. Your right choice of the photographer will make your wedding priceless. To understand the passion of the photographer completely, you must see his/her entire image gallery or a one or two complete shoot.

Get The Personal Look

royal pepper banquets 01

A wedding day can be tiring as you’d be on your feet all day. What can ease the process is having a photographer who is personable and friendly; a guy/girl with great attitude and easy-going personality and who is not cranky when it comes to doing that extra effort to make your wedding the best day of your life. Sense of humor is also a good quality to look for when trying to decide upon your wedding day photographer.

Photographers Should Be Well Organized
royal pepper banquets

Indian wedding photography can be a complex affair in that; one is required to capture hundreds of events, relatives/guests, and rituals and ceremonies that may be going on simultaneously. Hiring a wedding photographer with a constant (un-changing) team (and a plan) can ensure that all your major events are captured smoothly. If needed, you might still want to appoint a family coordinator to ensure that the lens-men capture all the guests and events. Making sure that your photographer has a well organized team ensures that you got every moment of your wedding covered and whenever you open the album or the video of your wedding you recapture all the moments clearly.

Get an official contract
royal pepper banquets 3

A contract helps seal expectations of either party so that there are no discrepancies later. The contract should clearly spell out the date, time for which they will shoot, security fees or deposits, tips, liability limits, whether the photographer may use your photos for publishing elsewhere etc. if possible mention the whole job description in the contract itself. And do look for a backup photographer just in case your hired photographer is not able to make it up for your D-Day also If you do not want your photos displayed for the public to see, make sure you state this beforehand.

Ask for their online profile or a portfolio
royal pepper banquets

These days, most Indian wedding photographers have an online profile either through a website or Facebook page. This can give you an idea regarding their style and you might even be able to read testimonials from their past clients. In the comfort zones of their home and in case you don’t like their work you can make sure to not waste your time and switch to another vendor. Also, you could ask for their portfolio and question them regarding the equipment they use, whether they carry backup, flashes, lights etc.