Guide To Keep Your Kids Busy On Your Wedding Day.

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of planning a wedding function is how you plan on keeping your littlest and youngest guests engaged during your big day. Children, especially the younger ones, don’t have the attention span, patience, or understanding of what is going on during the wedding reception, and other wedding events. They easily become bored and when this happens, they can do things that can embarrass their parents or even put a significant damper on your wedding.

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Where on one hand weddings are all about excitement and fun for adults there, on the other hand for the little ones, they can no doubt be a lot of fun at weddings but they are also quite capable of breaking all hell loose. (Because Mood Swings)

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The last thing anybody would want at their wedding would be a bunch of cranky kids. So what to do? Early planning is essential to preventing dilemmas and ensuring that everyone is happy, including your underage guests and their parents. Here are some creative suggestions that you can use to keep the young ones happy and even make them feel like they are a part of the festivities.

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1) If your wedding banquet has an open space arrangement, you can always keep outdoor fun games such as Treasure hunt/ball pool etc. Putting up a small kids section is also a very good idea.

2) In the kids section in one part of your banquet hall, like as in royal pepper banquets in north west Delhi you may have provisions of coloring books, crayons or a mini drawing competition etc. to keep the little angels engaged.

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3) You can also have a separate kids-only photo booth and make sure to stuff them with props such as funny hats, labels, oversized glares, disposable cameras, magic wands/ glow sticks, placards etc.

4) Divert your budget for some personalized gifts for the kids as a token of joy.

5) Put a centerpiece on the kids’ table that can be played with later.

6) Hire caretakers to make sure the kids are having fun and no kid tries to walk out of the banquet hall.

7) Set up a video game station.

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8) Set up a soap bubble station.

9) Stock one table with classic board games.

10) Challenge kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle of the couple’s engagement photo.

11) Make sure the snacks are kid-friendly.

12) A really good face painter is always popular but just make sure you’ve had all the formal photography done before they start working their magic on the little ones!

13) Finally, have a photograph of all the children present taken with the bride and groom. They’ll love to be involved closely with your big day and it’s an image that you’ll treasure in the years to come.

A really good face painter is always popular but just make sure you’ve had all the formal photography done before they start working their magic on the little ones!

Things to consider before booking a vendor for your wedding


This may sound obvious, but many vendors’ contract will only lock in the cost because that’s what is most important for them. Most important for you is explaining the job at hand. How long will they do it? What if your wedding runs late and you need your DJ to stay longer – will they? At what cost? Same for your photographer – will they stay beyond their package’s hours? What if they get sick? Will someone else be there?
Also consider their past experience, number of failed/successful weddings they have catered. Attitude of the vendor also matters.
Also lock in the services provided. Don’t just assume your DJ will provide always lock these services.

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Make sure you meet every individual who is going to render services to you from DJ to the caterer have a close look at their work, see if you like their work in the first place and then respective decide if you want to stick with the same vendor or change your vendor. And make sure the vendor you meet before the wedding is the same person who appears before you on the day of your wedding. Believe it or not, this happens. With all of your vendors make sure the services you are paying for will be provided by the person you speak with and trust. It’s very typical for larger companies to have a salesman to do their consultations but ship out a contractor to do the work.

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No matter who you use for what service, be it a friend or a relative’s banquet always sign proper contract. Even if that is the place you have spent half of your life in, have it in writing that for X amount of hours that sanctuary is yours..

The contract is not just for the vendor, it’s for you. No matter what, know what you are getting. Keep a binder with all of your wedding contracts so it’s easy to find when you’re trying to remember the little details.


Know and respect your budget, and respectively work along your vendor’s cost. Knowing all of this will help you avoid shocks to your pocket, which if experienced, could result in the booking of a vendor who is definitely not right for you. Remember that even if a wedding vendor’s pricing seems like a lot of money, you usually don’t have to pay it all up front and at once- unless you’re getting married very soon after booking. Payments spread out over the duration of your planning are a wonderful thing!

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Your wedding date is going to be one of the most important pieces of information you need when it comes to booking your vendors, and it’s highly recommended that you know this before doing any hiring. It is usually the determining factor of whether or not a vendor will be able to work your wedding or not. However, in a rare occasion, you don’t always have to have a date chosen to book a vendor or two (like a wedding planner, or the venue, which could help determine your date). In this case, it’s a good idea to have a few possible dates in mind or at least know which season you would like to wed.


Envision your ideal wedding and what your expectations are. These expectations definitely don’t have to be set in stone, but it’s important to at least have an idea of the style or type of wedding you want- IE, a casual farm wedding, or an elegant ballroom wedding. Essentially, make sure to do your research first. Oh, and never be afraid to ask a wedding professional for their advice!


If you have observed or been involved in planning any of your relatives wedding, you must have realized that planning a wedding starts with finding a perfect venue. When selecting a wedding venue, there are hundreds of factors that you will have to consider.
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How convenient will it be for you and your relatives to reach the venue, is it in the extreme outskirts? Is there sufficient amount of parking facilities , do they provide valets parking? Etc
Food and Catering
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It is very important to consider which all cuisines the banquet hall is providing you with, do they serve only vegetarian or non-vegetarian food is also permitted by them? Do they provide in-house services, or you have to hire it from outside? It is also very important that you enquire about associated. Check whether they make arrangements for alcohol?
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A very important factor that most of us ignore, checking whether the venue has appropriate licenses for liquor, DJ/ live performance, etc. Make sure that you Discuss the minute legalities with the venue manager to ensure you do not omit any likely license query.
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Always check with the banquet about the venue costs or if they allow external vendors, understand the layout of the decoration and explain them what exactly are you looking for.
Seating Arrangement
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Ideally, Depending on the number of guests the seating arrangement is determined additionally ask the venue manager about the type of chairs and tables they will provide ask them what type of seating arrangement is most feasible for your budget
Closing Time
A majority of venues do not usually have any closing time, but some of them do, pre enquire with them if they have any specific timing to conclude the function, or they have any other event commitments etc.
To be on the safer side, and keeping in mind the possibility of last minute changes you should always ask the venue provider about the cancellation policy, taxes, amount of deposit/security etc.

Why wedding seasons kill us with love!

As you grow up the reasons to dress up are fairly reduced because obviously, dressing up for a job interview is not really happening right? But, during the Wedding season you have reasons to shop, book salon appointment guilt free, pamper yourself with cocktail dresses, Fancy Pants. etc.
2.Clicks and flashes everywhere
Weddings are the best, and only legitimate reason to update our social media profiles, so bro! Can’t afford to miss it.
3. Meet new people
A wedding is a perfect place to socialize. The bride and groom’s entire family, friends, acquaintances are there, so you, the guest, have the opportunity to mingle around! This is the perfect place to meet new people, and provide a wide playfield to the extrovert in you
4.Admire the venue

Usually, a wedding is held at a banquet that is beautiful, mesmerizing and available with all the facilities and utilities. As a guest, it is interesting and fun to admire the venue that the wedding is held at. Notice the little details, like the centerpieces or how the altar is decorated. You will learn a lot about the bride and groom by seeing how they envisioned their special day!
5. Free food!
Sometimes the best part of a wedding is the food. It’s a huge portion and eminent part of the wedding because wedding guests sure get hungry! From exotic Indian delicacies to desserts, it’s a perfect delight for any foodie, and not to forget Drinks are always available too, which some people take way too advantage of!
6. Dance!
Okay, I think maybe the best part of any wedding, is the party. And what party is a party without dancing? A great DJ combined with classic wedding songs (Special mention:- sukhbir’s OHOOOO) also, It’s always great to see the first dance between the newlyweds, and it’s always special to see the mother/father daughter dances. Dancing is fun, memorable, and a great way to end the night on a special day like that!

Outdoor v/s Indoor Weddings Which is the one for you?

When a wedding is planned no matter in whatever country it is, one of the things that is always considered is if they want the event to take place indoors or outdoors. For some couples, the and natural beauty is their perfect romantic setting like a beach, and for others, the comfort and adaptability of an indoor location is preferable. Both can be done beautifully, but the outdoor route certainly comes with more risk and an elevated amount of stress.
Outdoor Weddings
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Many couples have the dream of being married under the sky, be it a cloudless day or a starry night, but any outdoor wedding is at a god’s mercy and couples have to protect their event and their guests with utmost care. It is important to be prepared for weather that is less than ideal.
When hosting any part of a wedding celebration outdoors, be it the ceremony, phreas, or reception, it is crucial that there be a tent. First and foremost, a tent provides protection, even in the best of conditions. On the most gorgeous sunny day, a tent is still necessary to keep the guests from sweating, getting a sun stroke or food from sitting out too long in the sun and going bad.
Apart from tents it is also essential to note that there must be a floor in place on the ground to create a flat surface for guests to walk upon. This will prevent the dreaded sinking of heels in grass, Keep in mind that this definitely adds a huge amount, so consider it while planning your budget.
With all of that said, when something as unpredictable as the weather plays a factor on such an important day, it is crucial that there be a back-up plan. In most circumstances a tent will not suffice, even in case of rain or heavy winds. An unexpected weather event would force a last-minute location change, and it is important that the families of both the bride and the groom are both physically and mentally prepared for this worst case-scenario.
Indoor Wedding
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An indoor wedding, of course, eliminates any chance of weather interfering with the original planning specifically in Delhi, as chances of extreme case weather changes like cyclones, tornadoes are less likely to happen, as compared to tents banquet halls are more comfortable as well. The beauty of planning an indoor celebration is that the client can decorate the space in any way that they like; they can even make it look and feel like the outside, or any theme they wish to apply..Many banquet halls in North West Delhi like Royal Pepper Banquets provide you with an option of customized decoration. Imagine transforming a banquet hall into a lavish garden with lush flower centerpieces and accents of elegant trees, plants, and stones! Celebrating indoors is the safer way to go and, ultimately, more cost effective.
Both an indoor and outdoor wedding can be beautiful and the decision ultimately comes down to the style and desires of the bride and groom. Your wedding should come but once in a lifetime. Rather than stressing over the weather, let it be a day filled with happiness and pure joy.