1.DECORATE the bedroom wall
wedding day
This is a time when you can reminisce the days gone by to the time that is now, your wedding. Unique and nice, this would be quite a surprise for him. A wedding Mr. And Mrs. Wall frame plaque with pictures from then and now in it would make him all mushy.

2.A personalised note
Like in most cultures, you wouldn’t be allowed to see him and vice-versa before you enter the marriage hall. This is when you can surprise him with a sweet gift; a watch with a note telling him the time and the date where you shall be one with him The thought is more than enough and the feeling in the note would say it all. Send it through your friends over to him, and he would be eager more so to meet you soon.

3.Wedding toast flutes
wedding day gift
There would be many toasts to raise, and these days Indian weddings too have adopted the toasting regime at some weddings. What you could do to make this extra special is to customise wedding toast flutes and long stemmed wine glasses to make the ritual extra special.

4.Send him a happy print
Emulate a print chronicle and write a column or a story of the happy times you have spent with him. Make it like a newsflash worthy to read and reminisce about the story; throw in your sense of humor and add a little punch to the write-up. Get it printed with imagery.

5.Serve him a shot
bride on wedding day
Believe us when we say, grooms too have cold feet and panicky feelings at their own weddings, which is why you need to calm him down. What about a shot for the evening; a mini bottle of Bacchus would do him good and keep him smiling. Just one mini bottle that is and the groom would be in good spirits all evening and through the night. Send this to him through a friend an hour before the wedding, provided he isn’t already a shot or two down with his friends.

6.A token for your future
ring ceremony in banquet
Life is an adventure, and marriage is one saga undertaken by two. Make this moment a special one for him by showing him what adventures lie ahead. He can carry this on him everyday, since it wouldn’t be too blingy.

7.Keys for the love
Get a lock and key customised on romantic touches and notes, and send him the keys. Let him keep guessing what this would be for. In private time, ask him to unlock your love, in your own ways creative and imaginative.

8.A lucky silver horseshoe

A horseshoe in many cultures is considered to be a lucky wedding charm. Make it a lucky one for him and you, by presenting him one as an accessory or maybe for him to carry around or to hang on his study table.

12 things couples Getting Married Are Tired Of Hearing

1.How are you feeling? Are you excited?

Yes of course Aunty, its My wedding I am likely to be very excited. I am starting my new life all from 0, but I don’t like the fact that you are more excited than I am.

2.How’s the guy? What is his profession? and salary?

Ahem. Ahem. I am marrying a guy. Of course he is good that is why I have agreed to marry him. And yes of course I would like to keep the salary of my would be hubby to myself. Thank You Namastey.

3.Love Marriage or Arranged?
banquet in delhi

What is the fundamental reasoning behind asking this question every time a couple gets married? How are the local aunties even remotely related or should be concerned to know whether at all it was a arranged flick or a love one.

4.How did you guys meet?

Now the poor couple has to sit and tell and tell their story of romance if it was a love marriage and this question is obviously not for people who got into a arranged setup.

5.Did you go for a background check?
best banquet in delhi

Overly concerned aunties literally look in for and dig in for issues to gossip about and what better than the groom’s background check?

6.Where are you going for the honeymoon?

Definitely not your place Aunty definitely.

7.”Have you guys made out yet?”

Can you please shut up Aunty, please for mankind’s sake enjoy the food and leave.

9.So you guys talk late till night?

Yes aunty, I guess I can talk to my would be atleast. We are getting married I will soon shift to his place and soon will spend my nights with him in real time.Do you have a problem aunty?

10.Where did you get your dress from?It looks so expensive.

No, Aunty got it from Chandni Chowk a fairly good deal you want one?

11.Got the lingerie?

No, Aunty I thought you will get one for me.

12.You will forget us now.

Yes aunty still trying to remember who are you actually?

Are You An Indian In Abroad? Five Ways to Add an Indian Touch to Your Wedding

Paint it Red
wedding ceremony
Red or maroon outfits are considered to the traditional wedding outfits in India, if you think that pure maroon will look quite out of place in a foreign country you can pair a white lengha or saree with an embroidered red dupatta for a finish that will pay homage to the authentic Indian bride in red.

Dual celebrations

For couples confused about how to combine ceremonies and rituals from two different cultures, a double ceremony is the perfect solution Traditional Indian ceremonies are often held in the morning because it’s considered an auspicious time of day; if you’re opting for two ceremonies, consider scheduling one in the morning and one later in the day right before the cocktail hour.


mehendi ceremony
Even if you’re not wearing a traditional Indian wardrobe, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some Indian tradition to your look. Deeply colored mehendi designs are a stunning standout when contrasted with an elegant white gown.

Get Desi with the Pre-Wedding Parties

wedding night in banquet
Some live music and dance performances to your rehearsal dinner to turn it into a glamorous sangeet. The party can even turn into a pre-wedding dance class: hire traditional bhangra or garba dancers to entertain everyone.

food at banquet hall
We already know the path to anyone’s heart is through their stomach — the same of course applies to your guests! Incorporating some lip-smacking desi dishes to your menu is an easy (and tasty!) way of adding Indian style to your celebration.

What makes Indian weddings authentic?

Pre-wedding rituals
pre wedding rituals
Pre-wedding rituals are a very important part of Indian weddings. They are considered to be auspicious and promising for the forthcoming wedding, creating excitement and cheer among relatives and close friends.

Haldi ceremony
wedding ceremony
The haldi ceremony is an auspicious ritual performed by the family of the bride and the groom before the wedding day. Generally, the bride and groom have separate haldi ceremonies. Family members and of the bride and groom apply the haldi and milk paste on the bride/groom’s skin. This yellow paste is thought to brighten and even the skin tone and is applied on one of the days prior to the wedding ceremony.

mehendi ceremony
The Mehendi event is a colorful celebration held the night before the wedding, which is traditionally celebrated by the women on the bride’s side of the family but nowadays people prefer doing mehendi ceremonies in banquets and gents are also invited. Guests create a festive atmosphere by dressing in bright colors, singing traditional wedding songs, and dancing to popular music.

Wedding ceremony

A traditional wedding ceremony consists of a series of religious rituals that unite not only the bride and groom, but also their families. In the Indian culture, maintaining close ties with immediate and extended family is crucial. Indian weddings are not only a celebration of union of the bride and groom but also it is a crucial union of both the families, the bride’s and groom’s.


Accompanied by his family and friends in a festive procession known as the baraat, the groom arrives at the entrance of the wedding venue on a horse or a car or maybe a carriage it’s a fun and frolic affair where the family members and friends dance on the beats of the band. The bride’s family at the entrance to the wedding venue meets the baraat.

Milni (Meeting of the Families)

The bride’s family greets the groom’s family with a welcoming ritual. Relatives of the bride and groom embrace and greet each other with garlands.

Arrival of the Bride

The bride enters the hall and is escorted to the center stage where the throne for the bride and groom is placed by her brothers, sisters and friends under a sheet (chadaar)

Jai Mala

Once the bride approaches the mandap, the bride and groom exchange floral garlands, signifying their acceptance of one another.


At this point, the bride’s father pours sacred water in his daughter’s hand and places her hand in the groom’s hand, officially giving away his most precious gift to the groom. The groom’s sister or cousin then ties the end of the groom’s scarf to the bride’s sari with betelnuts, coins and rice, symbolizing unity, prosperity and happiness.

Mangal Phere (Circling the Sacred Fire)
wedding rituals
The bride and groom walk around the sacred fire seven times keeping in mind the four aspirations in life: Dharma,Artha), Karma and Moksha.The bride, representing divine energy, leads the groom in the first three rounds, while the groom leads in the last four rounds, signifying balance and completeness.

Aashirvaad (Blessings for the Married Couple)
Women from both families whisper blessings into the bride’s ear. The couple then bows down to the priest, their parents and elder relatives to receive their final blessings. The guests shower the newlywed couple with flowers and rice to wish them a long and happy marriage.

7 awkward wedding traditions Indian Couples Go

1.Pre Wedding shoots
pre wedding shoot
Nowadays pre wedding photoshoots are trending, and every couple has to go through the horror of goofy faces. In India most of marriages are arranged Marriages and giving cozy poses and acting to feel the love that does not even exist in the couple before wedding in front of the over exaggerated setup of studios and cameras is nothing but AWKWARD.

2.Haldi ceremony
haldi ceremony
Haldi ceremony is indeed a very funny wedding tradition in India, the groom sits half naked in front of tons of women and get a free haldi pack everywhere on his body, especially the face! And the smell of haldi is also no close to rose elixir.

3.Talking about the night
wedding ceremony
When super excited aunties tease them about their first night & give advice based purely on personal experience, I am sure neither the groom nor the bride wants to advise on this topic atleast! Also hearing to loose comments like, “Haaye! Haaye! Ruka nahi ja raha hoga ab toh…” and “Ghabrana mat bilkul.”

haldi ceremony
The girl is made somewhere equivalent to Thakur in Sholay mehndi is applied all over her arms and its in so detail it takes hour to dry up, and the poor women has to request people for everything from feeding her to help her drink some water. She becomes dependent for All the vital tasks which becomes very funny for people to watch.

5.The over-rated aashirwads
respecting your elders
Relatives build a pyramid of gifts on their laps & simultaneously expect them to take aashirwads, the bride is expended to bend and touch feet of every elder and take their blessings while wearing a lehnga which weight three times more than her.

The couple is supposed to maintain a permanent smile on their whole time. I seriously pity the couples and their jawlines, it would just hurt so badly.They might not be able to do it but are they even given a choice? NO!

sweet in wedding
And of course! The tonnes of laddoos that they are forced to have after every second. Because, ‘Mooh meetha karna toh banta hai!’, the couple is soo stuffed by the end of the ceremony I don’t think they will ever want to have sweet dishes again atleast till 3 month.

Thanksgiving gifts on your wedding for your loved ones

1. Say it with a postcard
postcard for wedding
What you could do is to choose a lovely couple picture from the wedding album, and emboss a thank you note on it. Wrap it up and give the same to the recipients in person. The picture postcard could have the date of the wedding, the couple on it and some cool graphics that make it a mushy and an emotional affair.

2. Wall hangings
wall hanginng of banquet
A plate in neutral tones made from pottery or ceramic, with pretty cute hand drawn designs or romantic notes on it can be a good thank you gifting option. This would be best to give the office colleagues that have done so much for you and have helped made this wedding a success..

3. Wines
wine in banquet
Don’t forget the hard work put in by your guy friends. All the physical work and running to and fro.working their way up ensuring every single detail and logistic at the wedding was nothing short of being a perfect one. From the lights to the decor, to running around and managing transport and more, they did it all for you.

4. Aromatic candles for the lovely grandparents
aroma candle
Without the blessings of our elders, a marriage isn’t a successful one. This is why, our grandparents do their best to be present at the wedding and to provide as much as help as they can. They have been around to help with advise and pitched in to make the wedding a success too.

5. Gift out favour tags to the little ones
gifts for friends
Don’t forget that the little ones too have had a big role to play at your wedding. Their innocent smiles, their laughter and the sheer joy they bring was enough to spruce up the ambience around. Moreover. So thanking them for their time is a must as well, because everyone needs to feel special! You could present them with favour tags!

6. Pendants for the bridesmaids
weeding pandent
Another way to thank your bridesmaids, would be to present them with cute pendants, maybe normal silver pendants or customized pendants with the names of the bridesmaids on it.This could be made from metal and embossed with their names personally. You could also have glass or crystal pendants on silver chains as well. The choices are limitless, and it speaks of a gratitudinal act too.

7. A special tag for dad
Dad's gifts
Dad has always been the first man, the first-ever you interacted with in all your life. Your first best friend, every girl wants a husband like her dad. He has managed your life, your emotions and your career too, with all the ups and downs involved. Today as you walked down the mandap, dad made it special by handing you over to the groom. He has worked so hard to make you who you are, and into a lovely person – a special tag is the best way to appreciate his love.

A Complete Checklist On Choosing A Reputed Wedding Planner

Be clear on your requirements
best banquet in rohini
Ideally You should look for a professional wedding planner who will arrange a full-service wedding to the tee with all cultural and traditional details kept in mind, You may also need them to help you choose the wedding location and the right vendors too, and a coordination head who will report all the progress to you.

Why wedding planner?
banquet in delhi
Why hire a wedding planner and add more costs, you ask? There are many reasons as to why like You save big time on your energy, You get to focus on other wedding tasks, You get to focus on yourself and you henceforth, you save a lot of money.

What to keep in mind?
banquets sitting arrangement
Before you start talking to wedding planners, sit with your fiance and finalize the following;
1. Your budget
2. The number of guests on the list to be invited
3. The date of the wedding
4. The theme of the wedding
5. Your vision of the wedding


Firstly, you need wedding planners who are easy to contact and responsive to your needs. If they don’t return your calls promptly or don’t seem organized, look elsewhere, Make sure you speak to a previous client that has been serviced by the planner. Recommendations will help you understand the work pattern of your wedding planner better, Beware of wedding planners who are getting commissions for recommending certain vendors, Make sure that you like the taste and style of your wedding planner– you want your big day to reflect your personality and be ‘you’. If your wedding planner shares your sense of aesthetic, nothing like it! Like any vendor, you’ll want to have a clear contract with your wedding planner that spells out their duties, costs and expenses, and deposits and payment schedules, Make sure your wedding planner has not taken more than 1-2 more weddings other than yours in that particular month and has enough time to plan your wedding. Wedding planners that provide full-services in India also help scout the best location, vendors, and venues for the wedding.

Consider the following points
Wedding hall in rohini
1. Have they ever used the same venue before?
2. Contingency plans they provide for incase it is bad weather!
3. Do you have to choose only the vendors they have or can you hire from outside?
4. Who pays the vendors-is it all inclusive of the vendor fees or would you have to pay separate!
5. Who checks on with the quality of services provided by the vendor?
6. What if the vendors don’t turn up on time at the wedding venue on the day of the wedding?
7. What logistical planning can one provide as back-ups on the day of the wedding and after that?
8. While the wedding venue is being decked up, who is going to be supervising!
9. Do you have your own team of wedding photographers?
10. Do you have your own bridal makeup and hair team?

Wedding E-Invites- to be or not to be?

Traditional expression of emotions?
banquet in rohini
Indian weddings just like other weddings too, can have plenty of emotions involved. But when creating e-invites or paper invites alike, simple emotionless guidelines for the wedding at banquet hall in delhi is always the best way to go. With e-invites, you have got to judge the audience you are sending out the invitations to. While some of your elders will not have access to e-invites there is a huge possibility that you may just end up forgetting some really important people, or hereby, offending some.

Wedding websites
wedding in banquet

IF you are planning to launch your own wedding website, or create a social media page for the same by sending out ‘save-your-date’ invites, give your guests complete information on what the wedding will be like, where it would be held, the climes at the moment, how to get there, which rituals on what day would be held and all important information that they need to know. You need to set the privacy of such events to only your relatives, where you might just leak out some information or some surprises to people before your wedding day.

Email or not to email?

Yes, emails would save plenty of your time, postage money and transport money, especially if the attendees aren’t staying in the vicinity, the same city or the country for that matter. Sending out formal e-invites with an RSVP here makes sense. But here arises the same problem of reach, many people have disused email-ids some might just change it with time and many people don’t have a habit to open it daily.

Catching up
banquet in delhi
While you send out e-invites, ensure to leave a RSVP number for the attendees to follow-up with. If it isn’t a large number of guests attending your wedding, and if the attendees are around close by; drop in personally and present them with the invite. However, if the invites are for a small group, you may go ahead and email them all-solo or in a group. But understand the group here; not everyone is net savvy-elders especially.


Almost all our blogs about wedding have a point about budget, indian weddings are indeed a very expensive affair Paper wedding invites per piece can touch the skies cost wise. But if you hire the right wedding graphic card designer, you can cut on your cost and send e-invites have save yourself a huge chunk of cash

eco friendly
Lets go all conventional and understand the importance of paper its no rocket science to understand that we have to Save trees and lessen the carbon footprint, Wedding cards in paper are very seldom kept for memory sake,and they eventually make their way to the bin soon after the wedding.Do your bit for nature and stop the felling of trees; make your wedding an eco-friendly one-save time and energy and resources on the same.

Typical Indian Excuses For Getting Married

old wedding style
You are getting old. You should get married AND old in India does not mean 35, you can be as old as umm.. 22?

You are going to be ugly, Go Marry!
According to Indian parents logic their child will get bald, fat or ugly with time, and if they are ugly they won’t get any groom/bride to marry, so best way to solve the ageing problem. You should get married.

Because Norms
wedding rituals
You should get married because all your friends and batch mates are getting married and having babies. Peer Pressure taken to a new level altogether

wedding traditional
Best way out to kill boredom Is not to turn on their TV sets but to get married.

Because you have nothing to do.
wedding traditions
School done. College done. Job done. You should get married.

Raise A family
banquet wedding
Late marriage means late kids. Which means more complications for women,You should get married.

To make way
In India it is officially illegal according to Indian parents for younger siblings to get married if they have a elder brother or sister who is unmarried. Indeed a very legit reason to get married

Because People ask
Indian relatives are always more concerned than you yourself your wedding, talk about peer pressure here.

wedding in banquet
Now this is a serious one. Indian parents especially in the case of their daughters We want to be free from their apparent ‘responsibility.’ And hence You should get married.

Emotional blackmail
it was their great grand parents last wish to see their, niece/nephew get married so you should get married for their “happiness” or be blamed by the family forever. And also forget about your wishes.

Because “Acchha rishta hai”
Indoor wedding
Ladka/ladki foreign se padh ke aaya/aayi hai. An unlimited offer like a sale in zara which if don’t grab anyone else will. So basically this should be enough of a reason for You to get married.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Makeup Artist

1. Begin your search early
bridal make-up
If you ever are in attendance at a wedding where you just love the bride’s makeup, do make it a point to ask for her makeup artist’s details. Even a contact number will do. Even if your wedding is not on the cards in the near future, it is quite handy to have the contact details so you can refer to it when you require the services. At least you have an idea of the artist’s work. Make use of the internet wisely to your benefit.Most professional makeup artists will either be listed on these websites or have their own websites, showcasing their portfolio and other details.

2. Decide for yourself first,
bride make up
Have an idea of the kind of look you want for your wedding day. Look through magazines and the internet and keep a file of photos that you can show your makeup artist later to give her examples of the kind of look you desire. Sometimes a visual can get your message across better than words and actions.

3. Ask Questions
Once you have shortlisted the artists give them all a call and have a short conversation with them. Have a list of questions ready to ask them. The questions could be as follows:-
Are you available on my wedding date?
Do you have experience with makeup for brides?
How many trial makeup sessions will you do and will the charges be included in the fees?
Do you require an advance payment?
Are you flexible enough to travel to my location?
What products do you use? Will you be bringing all the necessary makeup equipment or do you expect me to get them?
Will you be able to manage to do the makeup for my friends and other members of my family? Do you have the resources for it? If yes what are the costs involved?
Can you do both hair and makeup?
Are you certified?
What if you are unable to make it on the day of my wedding? Will you be able to send a replacement? If yes, who will that be?
While talking to them observe how they interact with you. They should have the patience to listen to you and answer all your queries to your satisfaction. They should be glad to share information about the products they would use and services.

4. Compare Prices
wedding make up
Weddings are an expensive affair, no doubt. But this is not an aspect where you should try to economize. There are makeup artists available for far less than the others but then one cannot be too sure of the results.. It is, therefore, wise to prefer a professional who does great work.

5. Trial makeup
Once you have finalized your makeup artist, keep in touch with her. Have discussions over the look and the products she will be using. Inform her of any skin allergies you have. A professional makeup artist would use the time to begin your trial makeup, suggest any dermatological treatments if necessary, advice about skin care regimes to follow, and work with you towards achieving your ideal wedding look.